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Semantic Web and Internet of Things

An Orwellian World for Big Brother 
The World Government Global Database 

The Semantic Web: An Introduction

Slideshare: Explaining the semantic web

World Wide Web Consortium

Tetherless World Constellation (TWC)

Tim Berners-Lee: Is deep linking illegal? (2002) Not yet resolved. Related issues - (2009) 

Tim O'Reilly's account of the Internet of Things  

Internet of Things as a global initiative - Partners include Europe, China, USA, Russia, India, Japan, Brazil, Malaysia, (see page12)

A Digital Agenda for Europe (European Commission) EU Digital Agenda Commissioner says she has no proposals yet for "the internet of things"


Vision and Challenges for Realizing the Internet of Things. Cluster of European research projects.

EU Project - SPITFIRE &

Day 1 notes from 2nd Annual IoT Europe 2010

10 Internet of Things Blogs To Keep An Eye On

The 'future of identity in the information society' (FIDIS) FIDIS

Scientist infects himself with computer virus

Project Indect: 'Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment' - Video:

First workshop on Personal Semantc Data (2010)


Profiling the European Citizen - Cross-disciplinary perspectives

A Study of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) & Biometrics PKI Papers on PKI from

It is now possible to directly link the human nervous system to the Internet

Google I/O in Depth Is this the future for TV and Computer screens?

BBC: 'The Virtual Revolution' did not mention the Semantic Web or Internet of Things, even though Tim Berners-Lee (W3C) was interviewed. -

BBC SuperPower: Exploring the Extraordinary power of the Internet -

Tim Berners-Lee speaks at the World Economic Forum about the future of the web

Tim Berners-Lee: Closed World Machine' (CWM): - An ominous sounding name. 

EU Commission: Internet of Things roadmap for R&D before 2015 and beyond 2020

EU Future Internet Strategic Research Agenda

European Future Internet Initiative &

Ubiquitous Integration of Cooperating Objects

CASAGRAS an F7P Project, Final Report 2009

Imagining the Future - A History and Forecast -

Evolved Internet Future for European Leadership - EIFFEL / EIFFEL Report July 2009 

Internet of Things

Inference Web Projects

The network of the future
Future of the Internet

Making web applications location aware - WOEID -WOEIDs in Twitter Trends

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7): Up-and-running ICT projects of Objective 1.1 'The Network of the Future' 
EU future Internet Portal 

Cognitive Agent that Learns and Observes (CALO)

Facial Recognition  Augmented ID - ReadWriteWeb Article

Mobile phones can identify buildings, streets and people Google Goggles

RELATIONSHIP: A vocabulary for describing relationships between people

RDF Automation Ushering in Semantic Web

Bueda API Turns Tags into RDF URIs

Semantic Web News

Papers presented at 2009 International Semantic Web Conference

SOA4All - Enabling a web of billions of services

Semantic web development tools / /

Wiki Category - Semantic web 

Wiki - Internet of Things 

Wiki Category - Ambient Intelligence 

Internet Governance Forum (IGF People)


1st International conference on the Internet of Things (pdf)
Semantic Web Research, Trends and Directions

WikiCFP (Call for papers) - Internet of Things 

Contiki - OS for embedded Smart Objects - Internet of Things 

CONET 2010 - 1st International W/shop on Cooperating Objects

The wireless embedded Internet

Open Governmental Datasets
How accurate is the government data? Who Verifies datasets?

OpenPlatform Blog: Building on the API for the World Goverment Data Store

RDFa cheat sheet
Using RDFa to publish linked data

GRIFS - Global RFID Forum for Standards
CERP Projects
RFID Global forum and IoT
Future Internet Test Beds
Wireless Sensor Testbeds 
Ontology building tools

SweetPedia Semantic information mashup

DBpedia & other projects

Wahoo: Semantic search with Watson and Yahoo Found on

Semantic Universe & Video's/audio

Planet RDF

Ubiquitous sensor networks

UBI Research Program &

Using SPARQL to visualise linked data


AIDA Search

Open Ontology Repository (OOR)

Ubiquitous networking robotics in urban areas - Design of these things has to start somewhere.

Robots embedded in environment

HyperTwitter -  - - Tweet from to (TWC)  

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